Dear Parent/Guardian of Remote Learner,

Academic success of our AGISD students is very important to us and one of our main goals. COVID-19 has certainly changed our instructional practices and the delivery of content to our students. After a review of grades from the first nine-weeks, it is obvious that our remote learners are not being as successful as those attending in-person instruction. After collecting data from teachers, as well as reviewing the academic progress of students, our AGISD Board of Trustees has passed a resolution to end the remote-learning option effective Monday, November 2, 2020.  Students will need to return to campus on or before that day for instruction.

The exceptions granted for continuing remote learning would be those students that qualify under the following circumstances, (a) a special education ARD committee or 504 committee determines this delivery method is most appropriate, (b) a medical reason recommends remote learning at the recommendation of a physician, or (c) a student has a confirmed, positive COVID-19 illness or is forced to quarantine as a close contact.  In these situations, remote learning is still an option.

For those currently participating in remote learning, the following options would be available after November 2, 2020:

(a) withdraw from AGISD and enroll in a homeschool program 
(b) transfer to another school district that offers remote learning
(c) return to AGISD in-person instruction

If you are considering homeschool as an option, there are several programs available. However, there are two programs that we know of that are accredited and would provide a smooth transition for you if/when you decide to return to school.

1. K12 Online Schools- details can be found at:

2. TxVSN- the Texas Virtual School Network is supported by the Texas Education Agency and is also a free program.  Details can be found at

As with everything else this year, we will continue to monitor the situation and could possibly decide to return to online learning if a classroom/grade level/campus experiences an outbreak.  This would be a temporary change to remote learning in order to comply with health regulations.

We want to thank you for your patience this year and also commend our teachers on their dedication and flexibility in meeting the needs of our students. We want to prepare our students academically and believe this decision will help reduce "learning lag" based on our data indicating students are regressing academically under the current remote learning option. 


Dr. Cole McClendon