Return to School 2020

Panther Nation,

We welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year!   Although things may look different, the commitment to education provided by AGISD is greater than ever.  Through challenging times, opportunity presents itself as we find ways to balance ensuring the health and safety of your child while also expecting academic growth, meeting social needs, and promoting exracurricular participation.  Through the collaboration of parents, staff, and the AGISD administrative team, we believe we have developed a plan that allows for choice, but at the same time describes safety protocols that will be strictly followed in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

The first day of school for students will remain Thursday, August 13, 2020.  A commitment letter will be sent to parents during registration which asks for your decision on instructional setting during eh first 9-weeks.  Remote learning will be available but realize that format is very different from last Spring.  Remote learners must engage daily with their teacher through logging in and participating either synchronously (at same time of class instruction) or asynchronously (at student's own time but before a designated cut-of time provided).  Students will be counted absent daily if they do not interact on any given day Monday - Friday.  Therefore, it is important that parents realize attendance requirements are in place and students must be disciplined enough to do classwork remotely on a daily, not weekly, basis.  

77% of respondents to our online parent survey indicated they prefer in-person instruction.  Hopefully, that percentage will increase once our safety plan has been reviewed.  As a school district, we place the highest priority on your student's and our staff's safety.  Therefore, these protocols will be expected to be followed in order to allow us to continue in-person instruction.  These guidelines are very common among school districts across the state.  Although these safety protocols are common, AGISD is unique and the challenges faced by may larger, urban districts may not be the same for us.  The situation will remain fluid and if any concern regarding confirmed cases occurs, then AGISD will adjust and be ready to make changes to our plan.  We could experience times when remote learning is required for all students, if indeed that need arises.  Based on current data, we feel that re-opening schools in AGISD is important for the academic growth of students and can be accomplished safely with these protocols in place.

Please review the AGISD 2020-2021 School Re-Opening Plan in regard to policies and procedures that will be followed.  If we need to adjust at any time, those changes will be communicated to all stakeholders.  Whether in-person or remote, our Panthers will receive quality instruction and remain the reason we do what we do!  Go Panthers!

Panther Proud,

Dr. Cole McClendon