"Our Print Shop is awesome!"

We want you to have this feeling after every job that we complete for you.

The majority of our work is silk-screened t-shirts. We are striving to be able to produce a job within two weeks of submission. Our goal is to produce all orders with little or no culls and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Even though we are imperfect humans and make mistakes from time to time, our pledge to you is to see that you are completely satisfied.

We are excited about the capabilities of our print shop. We can produce many print functions such as booklets, fliers, 3 part NCR forms, and standard copies. We also produce sublimation products such as coffee cups, mouse pads, plaques, and tiles. We produce short run t-shirt orders in both vinyl and dye sublimation.
About Paw Printers

The print shop was established in 2010. Richard Palmer and Coach Randall Duke were instrumental in setting up and equipping the initial print shop. Mr. Shipp took over the print shop in the 2011-2012 school year. The print shop produced about 140 jobs during this year. We produced 161 jobs during the fall semester this year, and we anticipate approximately the same production quantity during the spring semester. This will total a job quota of over 320 jobs, double what we did the first year.

We were able to purchase some new equipment in the fall of 2012. We had to decide what we could purchase within the budget that was allocated for us to spend. We looked at our equipment inventory, part of which was a dye sublimation setup. This setup would only work on polyester. The substrates had to either be polyester of have a layer of polyester bonded to them. This limited us to only be able to sublimate on the more expensive polyester shirts. As luck would have it, one of our vendors was having a sale on equipment that would allow one to sublimate on cotton. We acquired this setup and now are proud to offer dye sublimation on cotton t-shirts as well as polyester.

We have some obstacles yet to overcome in the print shop. One obstacle is the inability to print windowed envelopes. It isn't that we don't want to print on windowed envelopes, but our equipment has heated fusers to set the toner. The fuser melts the windows. We have an inexpensive work around. We can print these envelopes on our ink jet printer. This presents another problem not as severe. The ink in this printer isn't water proof.


We have four main production areas: print, silkscreen, vinyl, and sublimation. These areas allow us to provide a multitude of products for our customers. 

Print Example

PrintOur design class can create custom designs for all of your print needs. We can handle small jobs of one page and jobs like the one to the left of nine thousand copies.

Silkscreen Example

SilkscreenOur Printa 770 silkscreen press enables us to produce almost any design with up to four colors per design. We are limited only by the size of our platens. We hope to build a single head press to enable the placement of designs over the whole surface of the shirt.

Vinyl Example

VinylOur Roland vinyl cutter reproduces with astonishing accuracy. Although we must be consistently vigilant not to reproduce copyrighted material, we can produce logos and line-art to be applied to many different surface types. This enables the print shop to furnish embellishments for your vehicles, notebooks, and banners.

Sublimation Example

SublimationWhen working with dye sublimation it is prudent to use images with very vivid colors. The process can reproduce these colors with amazing clarity.
The image above was modified and produced as a mouse pad. The result was a beautiful example of what the process is capable of achieving.